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Fic! Tag to The Game

Before I get to the good part of the post, i.e. the fic, I just have to say this: I SAW PAUL DANIELS AND DEBBIE McGEE on Wednesday, in Harrods. I have no idea why this is so exciting, he's kind of creepy, but there he was, in the adult games section (and no, it's no *those* sort of adult games, and yes, that is where my mind went first).

(For anyone wondering who Paul Daniels is, he's a magician from the Saturday night TV of my youth and Debbie McGee is his wife/assissant.)

Second, I have the best job ever. My boss took Thursday off, and apart from answering three phone calls I had nothing to do. So I wrote a tag for 3x15 The Game.

Title: Typical
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: R-ish
Words: ~2000
Spoilers: Quite a lot for The Game.
A/N: HUGE thank you to apple_pi for managing to be both super-quick and super-good when beta-ing this. She is awesome and her request fic is absolutely the next thing on my to-do list.

TypicalCollapse )
Tags: fic, mcshep, sga
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