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Yuletide Letter (2019)

Dear Yuletide Author,

So I thought I'd give you some general likes and dislikes and then tell you some things I particularly like about the fandoms I've requested. But if those don't tie in with what you want to write, then just ignore me. I'd rather have something you want to write than something you wrote to please me.


So I lovvvvve pining and friendship and found families. I just really like stories where people like each other. I love established relationship but also I adore first times. I'm a massive fan of D/s and fics where people lose their virginity. I like it when people cry and are comforted; I like it when people are closeted and scared... and are comforted. Do you see the theme?

Level of sex / no sex completely up to you.

Things I like best:

1) Friendship
2) Affection
3) People knowing each other's secrets
4) Pining
5) Sad and closeted then finding love and acceptance
6) Exes getting back together
7) Found family


Non/dub-con and any contagious illness is a hard no for me. I also don't like unhappy or ambiguous endings. In fact I think I dislike ambiguous endings even more than unhappy ones. Please don't break anyone up or make anyone think that their friends don't like them, because then I'll cry. You don't want me to cry on Christmas morning, right?

Charm of Magpies (Jackdaw) (Ben, Jonah)

I'd love to know what happens after Lucien and Stephen leave them in Cornwall. What trouble does Johan get in? How does Ben get him out of it? Alternatively, I'd be really interested to read something about their first life together, before it all fell to pieces.

England Series - K.J. Charles (Bill Merton, Jimmy Yoxall)

I'd be happy with anything that explored any part of their romance, tbh. From their days falling in love at university to what happens after Proper English. Just please let them get their happy ending.

Lilywhite Boys Series - K.J. Charles (Stan Karamzyn, Miss Christiana)

Aw, I love these two. What happens after Rat Catcher's Daughter? Do they ever get married - fake-legally or otherwise? Does Stan get to retire after Gilded Cage? Are they ever involved in anyone else getting dropped out of a window...?

The Price of Meat - K.J. Charles (Elias Jeffery, Mark Ingestrie)

Oh gosh just anything! Tell me about their backstory, flesh (ahem) it out as much as you'd like! But I'd also absolutely LOVE to see what happens next, after that scene on the bridge. Just find a way for them to be happy, that's all I ask.

Justified (Tim Gutterson)

I'd love a story about Tim getting a boyfriend - how do they meet? Who do they tell? How does Tim manage to juggle the crazy demands of working with Raylan with having a private life?

If you don't want to write that, then can you please at least not give him a girlfriend? TPTB have said that he is gay, so I'd love a fic that stuck to that canon / explored it in some way.

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