Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

It's 2016!

Hi, dreamwidth / livejournal! How are you? Did you have a good Christmas / New Year?

I was terrible at updating here with... anything last year, but especially terrible about announcing new fics. So here, at least, is a list of the fics I posted in 2015, if anyone is still around / interested:

If Home Is Where You Are - Enjolras/Grantaire and Courfeyrac/Jehan - Les Misérables (2892 words)

Never Be Satisfied - lady!Enjolras/lady!Grantaire - Les Misérables (15156 words)

A Kiss For Luck and We're On Our Way - Enjolras/lady!Grantaire - Les Misérables (2487 words)

Let's Do Something That's All The Way - Enjolras/Grantaire - Les Misérables (4580 words)

See It Burn When You Bring Me Sunlight - Enjolras/Grantaire - Les Misérables (3319 words)

Blown Here By The Winds Of Chance - genderqueer!Jehan/Courfeyrac - Les Misérables (21049 words)

Don't It Always Seem To Go - Lee Nicholas/Tony Foster - Smoke Series - Tanya Huff (5004 words)

And Not So Long Ago - Aaron Livesy/Robert Sugden - Emmerdale (1403 words)

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