Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

Fic: The Wind Blows The Night Time My Way (C/C)

I posted my Sex Is Not The Enemy fic - it's a prequel to my Female!Phil Big Bang. Well, 'prequel' is a generous term: mostly it's just the story of their first porny interlude together.

The Wind Blows The Night Time My Way
Relationships: Clint Barton/always-a-woman!Phil Coulson
Length: 4857 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None

Summary: This is a mistake, Phil should say. You’re my subordinate. You’re too young. You look too much like my fantasy of Steve Rogers.

This entry was also posted here on Dreamwidth where there are comment count unavailable comments. Feel free to comment on either entry.
Tags: avengers, clint/coulson, fic, nc-17, sex-is-not-the-enemy
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