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The post 21 first lines from the last 21 fics you posted meme has been going around the internet lately. But I decided to be a rebel and post 21 first lines from fics I haven't posted yet:

1. Clint’s been driving for seven hours by the time his hands start shaking and the dull ache behind his eyes blooms into full-on agony.

2. Even though they debriefed with some suited asshole on the plane, John and Jack still end up stuck in a tiny conference room at the airport for five more hours after they land in New York.

3. “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.” Stiles’s tries to make his voice sound firm but he can hear that there’s something uncertain underneath it.

4. Phil has only just sat down on his sofa – the first time he’s been home, let alone sat somewhere comfortable in fifty-three hours – when his cell phone rings.

5. “Haven’t you heard the expression a watched phone never rings?” Pepper asks, resting a hand lightly on Phil’s shoulder.

6. “God damn it, Coulson, will you just listen to me?” Clint can hear his voice rising too loud and too shrill, but he can’t help it; he’s too furious to keep quiet.

7. Clint’s hands are bleeding from trying to punch his way through solid wall by the time the screaming stop from the next cell over.

8. Phil doesn’t need a $15 test to tell her what she already knows, but she still buys one from the Duane Reade on the corner by SHIELD HQ.

9. “Clint, I told you, I don’t need you tonight.” Bobbi’s starting to look pissed, but Clint’s desperate so he keeps pleading anyway, guitar clutched hopefully in front of him.

10. The front door of the hotel bursts open with an angry crash and couples look up from the tables dotted around the tiny hotel restaurant.

11. “Ow, my fucking feet,” Clint groans and throws himself onto the overstuffed couch in the corner. “Why can’t I wear Chucks, again?”

12. Phil’s palms are sweating when he puts his travel bag down in the grass and pulls out his cell phone.

13. It’s a hot night so Clint is sprawled out across his bunk, one arm flopping off the edge and the other hand sweaty where it's wrapped tight around the GI Joe action figure that Barney stole for him last week.

14. The Winter Soldier wakes up screaming. A few seconds later – after fighting his way past drugs and pain and panic – so does Bucky Barnes.

15. Clint can’t sleep. It’s been over a week now and the longest he’s managed is a two-hour stretch that he woke from sweaty and disoriented, his (thankfully unloaded) service revolver in his hands.

16. Turning very, very slowly, Clint finds himself face to face with a very angry woman holding a berretta steadily up to his temple.

17. If there’s one thing he prides himself on, it’s that when Clint kills someone, they stay dead.

18. Rogers is exactly where Phil is expecting him to be, thank god; the Olympic Village is huge and Fury already sounded pissed before he sent Phil off searching.

19. Fury’s eyes have been fixed on Phil’s ring finger since he joined the meeting; Phil has been doing his best not to notice.

20. “... which, as everyone knows, led to the Battle of Asgard.” Phil stops, looks around the lecture hall and raises one eyebrow. “Everyone does know that, right?”

21. When Clint’s cell rings with an unknown number, his second reaction is potential threat: security protocol AB7-can’t-remember-the-next-bit-6. His first reaction – and therefore the one he acts on – is curiosity.

And I'm forever excited to talk about my WIPs so feel free to ask about any of them.

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