Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

who cares about your lonely soul?

Because kellifer_fic mentioned longfic_bingo, I now have a longfic bingo card. I'm pretty predictable and incapable of saying no to bingo cards.

Crossover / Fusion – TV series Bodyswap Dystopia Steampunk / cyberpunk Hooker!fic
Hostile climate Corporal punishment Crossover / Fusion – Video Game Consent play Addiction
Grief Ghosts WILD CARD Sounding Phobias
Crossover / Fusion – Movie Friends with benefits Unexpected pregnancy Toys Accidental marriage
Spanking Watersports Abuse Vampires D/s

The rules for this bingo is that fics have to be minimum 5000 words, which isn't usually a problem for me. I have a WIP for 'Friends with benefits' but does any one have any thoughts/prompts for any of the other squares?

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Tags: longfic_bingo
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