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I always seem to end up posting my Fannish Year-in-Review Meme a couple of days into January! At least it means I get to include my Yuletide fics...

Words written this year: Well, according to AO3, I posted 223,830. I have no idea how many more I wrote than that, but it was a lot.

Number of fics: 24

Social Network RPF:

Forever Can Never Be Long Enough or the Earl of Epsom Takes A Husband (Jesse/Andrew)

Avengers: (all Clint/Phil unless otherwise stated)

They Always Said We Were The Lucky Ones

Something Quiet and Minor and Peaceful and Slow

Now We've Learned To Kiss The Sky

And There Are No Words For That

What We've Got Here Is Enough

Until Exhausted Close Our Eyelids

Been A Long Time But I'm Back In Town (Steve/Bucky)

One More Time For the Good Times

As Far As I Ever Had To Go

You Can Look Back But Don't Stare

Like Fine Print, Hard To Read

Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark on Me)

Just A Little Taste of Where I Came From (mostly Steve+Tony gen)

Tell You Secrets Nobody Knows (Clint/Natasha/Phil)

Never Saying Goodbye

Learn How To Tell You Goodbye (Clint/Phil and Steve/Bucky)

Snow Is Falling (Like Forgiveness From The Sky) (Steve/Bucky)

Breathing In the Moment

Blood/Smoke Books - Tanya Huff

Thankful For The Little Things (Lee/Tony)


With Your Hand in My Hand, We'll Still Stand (Q/Tanner)

And Maybe We'll Sleep Tonight (Q/Tanner)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol:

That Light That Takes You Home (Brandt/Benji)

The Losers

All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes (Jensen/Cougar)

My most popular story this year: By hits and by kudos, it was Now We've Learned To Kiss The Sky, which is great since all that happens in that fic is Clint and Phil trying and failing to get married a lot.

My favorite story this year:

It's a tiny, unbetaed little ficlet, but it's soothing and I reread it when I want to nap (I can't nap), so probably And There Are No Words For That.

Most fun story to write:

I love writing action so Learn How To Tell You Goodbye. It's long but it never felt hard to write. Phil and Bucky's Epic Adventure in Russia kept me entertained the whole way through writing it. If I could write BAMFs kicking arse and blowing shit up all the time, I would.

Story with the single sexiest moment:

There's a scene in Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark on Me) where Clint plays with the bruises that Phil left on his wrists. I don't know about anyone else, but that's the sort of thing that I find incredibly hot.

Story that got the most unexpected reaction from readers:

I know I only just posted All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes, since it's a Yuletide fic, but I SERIOUSLY didn't think it would get as many comments and kudos as it did. I'm so pleased that people enjoyed my Jensen and Cougar - I had a ridiculously good time writing them.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

I never have anything to put for this question, because I don't write a lot of crack. ONE DAY maybe I'll write werewolf incest tentacle porn, just to have something to answer this question with.

Hardest story to write:

Just A Little Taste of Where I Came From, which is the Phil and Tony deaging fic, was pretty much impossible to write. It turns out that I have SO MUCH trouble writing Steve, it's ridiculous. And then I had to completely rewrite the ending because my first resolution sucked. But I'm happy with it now!

Most unintentionally telling story:

Well, it wasn't unintentionally telling, but Clint in Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark on Me) is me in a lot of ways.

What's next:

Right now, I'm working on a C/C high school AU crossover with the Amazing Spider-man, a fic where Clint's secretly a virgin, a porny college AU, a fic where Phil and Clint are fuckbuddies, and a Jack Reacher fusion. I'm also still planning to write the sequel to Learn How To Tell You Goodbye.

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