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In one week today, NaNoWriMo will be starting \o/ I love NaNo. I spend all year counting down to NaNo and then Yuletide, while simultaneously crying because it's winter and winter sucks.


Every year I work on an original idea for NaNo and, every year, I post it on a filter. The past two years, I've been writing about Magical Teenagers In Love, but there isn't enough left of that fic to fill 50,000 words, so that one will be finished at a later date (honestly).

This year's NaNo is a cross between Downton Abbey, Merlin and some gothic/steampunk thing. There will be forbidden love, magic, and revolution. Also lots of boykissing.

If that sounds like something you'd like to read along with, tick the ticky box and I'll add you to the filter.

Disclaimer: I make no promises that it's going to be GOOD. It's just going to be long.

Poll #1874696 Tora's NaNo Filter

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Tags: nano-2012, nanowrimo
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