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all those oh-so-nears, wear you down, through the years

Hiii flist! I am so bad at updating, I'm sorry. You're not missing anything particularly scintillating, trust me. Here are some things:

1. I met the24thkey a couple of weeks ago. She's so great! I love fangirls the most. We saw Wicked (fourth time for me) and the Lion King and Avengers and everything was wonderful :D

2. I had a birthday! Birthdays, like Christmases, are not my favourite thing, but once again, the internet made it wonderful. harborshore wrote me fic! Wonderful fic! (Read it - Clint/Phil and slow healing post movie <3)

3. Today I saw Fast Girls. SUCH A GOOD FILM. I love sports movies and it was a properly inspiring, victory arms at the end kind of one.

4. Yesterday I read Know Not Why by Hannah Johnson. It was EXCELLENT. I lay on my sofa and read the entire thing, which is a fantastic way to spend any day. It's a lovely coming out book, would make excellent fic, and the Nice Guy POV character with the douchey early-twenties mentality actually learns something by the end, which I hugely enjoyed.

5. Tonight I watched the football. Let's not talk about that.

6. And... one more thing because my lists have to be divisible by three, um... oh my cat caught a mouse yesterday. She came trotting in all proud with it in her mouth. I swore and slammed the kitchen door closed so she couldn't bring it into the house. She then realised that she had a tiny person in her mouth, dropped it, chased it for a bit. Lost it. And now I don't know where it is. Neither does she. We're both pretty confused. Although not, I assume, as confused as the mouse is. So yes, I apparently have a new mouse-shaped houseguest. I'm kind of hoping this turns into Tom and Jerry, to be honest.

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Tags: birthday!, book:knownotwhy, fangirls-are-the-best-girls, movie:fastgirls, rec, rosie-posy
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