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a moment of love, a dream, a lie

Oh I'm back from New York! I forgot to say, but I am. Being in New York is better than NOT being in New York, in case anyone is wondering :(

harriet_vane and I went to see Andrew in Death of a Salesman. It's a horribly tragic play (which I knew, I'd seen it before) and I don't understand why people voluntarily watch things that make them that depressed unless everyone was there to look at Andrew's pretty face, which is entirely possible. He has a VERY pretty face. He's also VERY VERY GOOD. All the crying, he did all the crying, and now they've nominated him for a Tony, which is totally deserved and hopefully makes up for whatever damage he's done to his eyeballs due to all the crying.

&Andrew Garfield; basically.

Other things we did, include eating all the breakfast foods - America is awesome for breakfast foods. Waffles! Oddly fruit-flavoured butters! Magically refilling coffee! We even saw Val Kilmer while queueing for breakfast foods; that's pretty exciting. Also queenitsy introduced me to Avatar: the Last Airbender, which features a sad boy in need of all the hugs, so I was pretty much sold on that too.

Then there was shopping. And also collecting of things that I didn't want to pay the postage to England for. Behold purchases:

Comics with Hawkeye on the cover! I have no real idea how to read comics but, look, it's CLINT. We went in Forbidden Planet and no one yelled at us for being confused so it was alll good.

BLACK WIDOW T-SHIRT \o/ Because Natasha is my favourite. I adore her.

Keep Calm and Assemble, okay? Don't forget.

SHIELD hoodie! It's HUGE and warm and I would like to live in it forever.

ALL THE EYESHADOW. Which I really, really shouldn't have bought but look how pretty it is *___*

Anyway, yes, I'm home now. And don't go back to work until next Tuesday (\o/) so I've been taking myself to see Avengers again and again. I've now seen it twice in 3D and once in 2D. Which means I need to see it in 2D again. Also IMAX. And they should probably recreate it for me live. Because for reasons of science, it's important to be able to compare, right?

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