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and all the images dance by of folks and friends who lie back home

LJ/DW, I feel like you guys are missing out on all of my Avenger feels. I am having a LOT of Avengers feels, okay? Just asked twitter. It's out here in SIX DAYS and I'm already at the shaking and crying stage of fannish excitement. (I've also taken the day off so I can catch the first showing at my cinema, shush.)

Work is ridiculously busy at the moment and there are all these fics I want to write at the moment but I have no time. Cry. Also, I have hurt my back. So:

The AO3 Hit Count Meme because it takes very little effort.

Not In This Land Alone - Merlin (24,668 hits)
Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be - TSN RPS (5837 hits)
Nameless But Not Unknown - TSN RPS (5298 hits)
All The Stars And Bleeding Hearts - TSN RPS (4368 hits)
Now We've Learn To Kiss The Sky - Avengers (4097)
Summer Hasn't Touched The Clouds That Pass Above - Merlin (3960 hits)
They Always Said We Were The Lucky Ones - Avengers (3250 hits)
Days Behind - Sherlock (3193 hits)
And There Are No Words For That - Avengers (2906 hits)
Still Time For You - NCIS (2851 hits)

Can we just take a moment to look at the hit count for Not In This Land Alone, please? That is RIDICULOUS. Is one person just obsessively refreshing the page. That is nearly twenty-five thousand hits, what the fuck?

Otherwise, it's not hugely surprising, my two most recent fandoms are most well represented and the Jesse/Andrew ones also tend to be way longer than anything else so it makes sense that, if people are going to read them, they'll do it on AO3.

I'm secretly a little bit pleased that Still Time For You made it into the top ten - that's the silly Tim/Tony high school/college AU of doom and I do have a total soft spot for it. But I will just NEVER understand how Days Behind hit the kind of nerve that gets it that far up the list - it's 630 words! It's gen. I wrote it in ten minutes in an email to miscellanny - people are unpredictable. Which is why writing and posting stories is fun, I guess :D

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