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Hiii, flist, it's been a while! I have been working ALL the hours and am exhausted. Whoever said that HR wasn't fun? (HR is totally fun; that was fake bitterness; I still love my job like a weirdo.)

Other things I have been doing include squeeing over the existence of Andrew Garfield's face, plotting to visit harriet_vane again in the spring, falling head over heels for Hawkeye/Coulson... oh and finishing my Jesse/Andrew Regency AU! It's 60k and will be posted soon. Ish. For certain values of soon, anyway.

In the meantime, I've signed up for [community profile] fanbingo because I REALLY like bingo cards. Here is mine; it's pretty shiny:

First times! High school AUs! Pretending to be married! It's like it was made for me. Also, horror things. I could try writing horror, maybe? Zombies! Ghosts and hauntings! It's tough trying to decide who to write about where. What do you think? Who should I write about for which square?

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