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Well this is a little late, isn't it? Better late than never? Have a Fic Year in Review Meme:

This year, I posted about 199,000 words (and wrote a hell of a lot more), comprising 17 stories. Not bad, I don't think.

Smoke Series - Tanya Huff (2)
Like The Shiver Of A Passing Train [pre-canon hooker!AU]

Be Here With Me [coda to Tanya Huff's short story See Me]

Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan (1)
Lift Your Head And Look Out The Window [post-canon Jamie/Seb]

Billy Elliot (1)
And At The Same Time Something Makes You Whole [post-movie Billy/Michael]

X-Men: First Class (3)
At Least The War Is Over [baby!Rogue pt 1]

Send Me The News From The House Down The Road [baby!Rogue pt 2]

That Sleepy Person Lying Next To You [baby!Rogue pt 3]

Social Network RPF (6)
Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be [apartment 'verse fic OR the socks and kittens fic]

Several Storeys High [apartment 'verse coda]

Rest Your Head Close To My Heart [toddler!Andrew]

All The Stars And Bleeding Hearts [Notting Hill AU]

Nameless But Not Unknown [amnesia fic]

(Never Had a Choice) When It Came To You [Social Network reunion]

Merlin (2)
How Lonely People Make A Life [girl!Merlin, uni AU]

Summer Hasn't Touched The Clouds That Pass Above [magic reveal]

Bandom (2)
Something About You I Want To Rescue [Telepaths 'verse Ryan/Z]

Hear Angels Say Snow Day [Bob/Brian HS AU]

Original Fic
Nameless NaNo Fic [Teenaged wizards in love - WIP and also filtered but I'm happy to give access to anyone who asks]

My favorite of my own stories this year:

I have a huge soft spot for Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be - kittens and shy next door neighbours and dates of the balcony. It's a horribly self-indulgent thing but I like it.

My best story this year:

I have no idea what qualifies something as 'best' but Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be got the most hits on AO3, if that means anything.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

I hate this question. Even if only one person reads a fic, if they enjoy it, then it's appreciated.

Most fun story:

To write? I always have the most fun with my Nameless NaNo Fic - it's so silly.

Most sexy story:

Strangely, I haven't written a lot of straight-up porn this year, but (Never Had a Choice) When It Came To You is pretty much nothing but sex, so let's say that one.

Story with single sexiest moment:

I don't know! Help?

Hardest story to write:

Like The Shiver Of A Passing Train took no time once I knew what direction I was going with it but it languished at 1000 words for months.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic:

I never write anything particularly wrong, but I did turn Andrew into a three-year-old in Rest Your Head Close To My Heart and made poor Jesse nearly have a nervous breakdown so probably that one.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

Well, it didn't shift them, because I didn't have any perceptions before, I really enjoyed delving down into what I thought about the characters in Billy Elliot in And At The Same Time Something Makes You Whole.

Biggest disappointment:

I'm disappointed that I didn't finish more of the long fics I started, but then that's what 2012 is for, I guess. I have two Jesse/Andrew fics that are sitting at 40,000 words and I HAVE to finish them or it's just ridiculous.

Biggest surprise:

I don't think I was expecting to write in most of these fandoms when this year started. I definitely wasn't expecting that my biggest fandom of the year would involve Justin Timberlake or that kid with the dodgy American accent in Doctor Who who was adorable in Sugar Rush (Andrew).

What's next?

Like I said, I have two 40k TSN RPS wips: one is a Regency AU, the other is a pre-college/summer holiday AU. I also have 15k of a Jesse/Andrew Harry Potter AU and I need to finish my NaNo. I'd like to write more original fic in general this year, but we'll see how well that goes.

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