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"You've got an office on a train, that's so cool."

Today, I took myself to see Warrior. I... definitely have feelings about it. I'm still trying to put those feelings into some kind of coherent order but ohhh, Tom Hardy. I was not expecting it to make me cry in the middle of the cinema! (And can someone who can tell better than I can please give me an opinion on his American accent?)

Then, I watched ALL THE DOCTOR WHO IN THE WORLD. Good choice, self. Random, weeks late liveblogging:

The God Complex

*Ooooh, creepy hotel. And doomed Gwen Cooper-alike.

* Has the Doctor ever taken Amy where he promised to?

* "It's okay, we're nice." Ohhh, Rory. And people are threatening the Doctor with chair legs, that's not very nice!

* "Door walls, dwalls if you like. Big day if you're a fan of walls."

* I'm not sure how I feel about David Walliams and his: "We're lining all the highways with trees so the invading armies can march in the shade" and "At times like this, I think of our old school moto 'resistance is exhausting'."

* Ohhh, creepy dummies. I HATE creepy dummies. Also weeping angels! Meep.

* Ack, the video game special effects definitely add to the sense of unreality but at the same time, they're really hard to watch.

* "This is a cup of tea." "Of course. British. It's how we cope with trauma. That and tutting." Aww, she's cute and is definitely not going to survive.

* Aww, I don't want the scary monster to kill Howard, he's cute. Don't untie him from the chair, David Walliams, I don't want him to get eaten.

* I love that the Doctor speaks creepy-monster-language. (But why does the TARDIS translate everyone else for us but not this time?)

* I hope the monster eats David Walliams next. I LIKED Howard :(

* The Doctor's door is number 11. OBVIOUSLY. I mean, what else would it be? Who's in his room though? I really want to know.

* Rita :((( "You stay where you are, let me be robbed of my faith in private."

* ;_; And now the Doctor is trying to break Amy's faith in him. Saddest thing. ;_;

* "I'm not a hero, I really am just a mad man in a box and it's time we saw each other as we really are." (But I LIKE who the Doctor really is, why shouldn't Amy? Also, Rory got flattened behind a door a while back, has anyone noticed?)

* "An ancient creature, floating through space. To such a creature, death would be a gift... I wasn't talking about myself." Ohhh.

* The Doctor bought Rory his favourite car! \o/ I really don't want the Ponds to stop travelling with the Doctor, but that's pretty cute.

* The Doctor has never got a companion killed, has he? I mean TERRIBLE things have happened, but they've never been killed. So why does "because you're still breathing" count as a reason to leave her behind?

Closing Time

* YAAAY, James Corden episode! Oh god, I love James Corden.

* If I worked somewhere and there were lights going on off, on off, on off, I would be out of there so fast.

* "Oh you've redecorated, I don't like it." "We've moved!" "Yes, that's it."

* "Social call, I'm trying them out." Eee, he's precious. And clearly lonely. This is what happens when you abandon the Ponds.


* The Doctor speaks baby! Of course he does. In fact, I think we already knew that but, still, how cute is that?

* Doctor, you are SO BAD at not noticing. And also at not helping. This is my FAVOURITE thing about you.

* "Look, they gave me a badge with my name on in case I forget who I am. Very thoughtful as that does happen." <333

* "No one's noticed yet because they're far too excited about Nina's emotional journey. Which, to be fair, is quite inspiring."


* I really hate cybermen. Mostly because they made Ianto really, really sad. Is that a bad reason?

* "Partner, I like it, is it better than companion?"

* I love how the Doctor has been working in the shop for not very long and yet everyone knows and likes him. <3

* "Stormy thinks you should believe in yourself more." "Great, now my baby's reviewing me."

* Amy and Rory! "For the girl who's tired of waiting." Really?

* "Alfie wants you attached to him, you are far too slow when he summons you."

* Baaaaby. The Doctor cuddling a baby! How cute is that?

* Ahahaha, Doctor, you jumped through a window. What is wrong with opening the door?!

* "Don't worry, I have an App for that." Hee!!!

* Why do people always fall asleep in the middle of emotional revelations? I have never fallen asleep when someone is trying to reveal something emotional to me.

* Aww, the lady in the shop is lovely. And very supportive of the Doctor and Craig's little family.

* Noooo, don't assimilate Craig! Not allowed at all! YES! YOU DO NOT GET TO TAKE A DADDY AWAY FROM HIS BABY.

* Oh hey, the Doctor now has his cowboy hat. He really is going to die :( (Or not, obviously, but still ;_;)

* Ahahaha, Alfie's first word is 'Doctor'! Of course it is.

* Seriously, after all that, River really is the Impossible Astronaut? I was SURE it was a double bluff.

The Wedding of River Song

* Oh heyy, steampunk London, you look lovely.

* Is that Charles Dickens on BBC Breakfast? Churchill has a personal mammoth?! Why is the Doctor a bearded soothsayer? (Note, I'm more confused re the beard than anything else.)

* The Doctor is reading something called 'Knitting for Girls'?

* Ahaha, "that's why they call it 'live chess'".

* :( Is this what happened to the little gay marine dude who the monks beheaded?

* ACK. Did he just eaten by skulls? WHY WOULD A SKULL NEED TO EAT?

* I think I could probably cope with being a head in a box as long as I had wifi in my head, too.

* How does Blue Man in a Box know what the question is if the Doctor doesn't? Also, is anyone else getting a Hitchhikers' Guide To The Galaxy vibe?

* "I could invent a new colour, save the dodo, join the Beatles."

* Aww, help Rose Tyler with her homework! But all Jack's stag parties? Jack as in Harkness? How many stag parties has Jack had?

* Who is Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart?

* "I had to die, I didn't have to die alone." <3

* So is this the first time that River meets the Doctor? That's not the BEST way to meet the man you love, is it?

* The Doctor makes very funny faces when he... doesn't die.

* But, wait, that's NOT what happened. They met up with the other version of the Doctor and went to 1969 and met Carson and... things. In fact, things like Melody being born. If they've split there, then surely River can't exist in the second time line?

* Heyyy, Amelia Pond. You're looking LOVELY in your smart suit and your eyepatch.

* Ahaha, I love the Doctor trying to get Amy to remember him when she already does.

* "You've got an office on a train, that's so cool. Can I have an office? I've never had an office. Or a train. Or a train/slash office."

* "My husband Rory. I love him very much, don't I?" [Looks at photo] "Apparently."

* RORY! (Although, Rory, stop saying 'ma'am' to rhyme with 'harm', dude. It rhymes with 'jam', bb. Always.)

* "She said you were a Mister Hotty-ness. And she would like to go out with you for... texting and scones."

* Rory, don't get eaten by the Silence! You've succeeded at being alive for ages now, stick with that.

* Take off your fucking eyedrives! Why was that not the first thing you did?! RORY! RORY! RORY! LEAVE HIM ALONE! Eeee, Amy to the rescue <3

* "You took my baby from me and hurt her. And now she's all grown up and she's fine but I'll never see my baby again." Oh THANK YOU, show, for finally acknowledging that.

* "So, you and I should get a drink some time." "Okay." "And married." "Fine."

* "You've decided that the universe is better off without you but the universe doesn't agree." <333

* "I'm not sure I completely understand." "Um, we got married and had a kid and that's her."

* Does telling River his name mean that they're married? I tell people my name every day. Why did they need to get married to restart the clock? I'm CONFUSED.

* Aww, River and Amy hang out and drink wine? That's lovely. Mummy and daughter <3

* "Of course, I'm his wife!" "And I'm his... mother-in-law."

* Hee! That was a pretty clever way of not-killing-the-Doctor, actually. Good use of the teselector. Almost makes up for the terrible Hitler episode.

* "And Dr Song, in prison all her days." "Her days, yes, but her nights, well. That's between us."


* Y'know, that wasn't bad. Not a bad ending at all. :D

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