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the rumours flew, but nobody knew how much she blamed herself

Slightly delayed Merlin liveblogging. I hope the BBC and ITV sort out their scheduling for next week - I can't cope with Merlin and X-Factor clashing for the next 13 weeks.

YAY, MERLIN. Oh I love Merlin :D

* Did they always say 'young man' in the credits. I have a feeling it used to be 'young boy'?

* KNIGHTS! HELLO! And... hello Morgana? Yep, hey, Morgana.

* People need to stop throwing Sir Leon around the place. At some point, he's going to be killed by all this careless treatment and then where will we be?

* MORGAUSE! Morgause not looking well at all :(

* Ooh, pretty new credits :)

* Oooh, hey, it's Camelot's kitchens. Ahaha, and which knights as that stealing chickens? <3

* I LOVE Lancelot being in the castle and knowing about Merlin's magic. <3

* Hello, Arthur's back. The lovely small of Arthur's lovely back.

* Oh Uther :( Uther doesn't look well at all :(

* Oooh who is this Snape-like figure lurking in the background of the throne room? Do we know him? I am suspicious of him.

* Morgause should definitely not die. I am far too in love with Emilia Fox for her not to be in it anymore. (Also, didn't a building fall on her? Does it take a year to die from a building falling on you?)

* Merlin is Morgana's destiny and her doom? Is there anyone whose destiny this poor boy isn't?

* Oh look, it's Gratuitously Shirtless Arthur (TM)! That took 14 whole minutes, they must be slipping.

* Aww, Arthur is lovely. He's being so nice to the poor crying girl. Someone make him king!

* Arthur: That's a horse. Merlin: maybe it senses something. Arthur: Yes, that your a clodpole. Merlin: That's my word. ♥


* Ahaha, Gwaine. Don't scare EVERYONE by eating an apple, dude.

* Merlin, if anyone asks you about the glowing ball of light in your hand, what are you planning to say?

* Oh, I do love Arthur and his knights. How awesome is it that they're all here together now?

* Every season, Merlin's voice seems to get a little bit deeper.

* Arthur, just because Merlin's scared and you feel bad for mocking him, is no excuse to go wandering into scary shadows.

* "You're not scared." "Oh I am, Merlin. Maybe more than you." HE WOULD NEVER HAVE ADMITTED THAT IN SEASON ONE.

* Percival, those children are creepy, but well done for carrying ALL OF THEM.

* People need to stop telling Arthur that they need a sacrifice. You KNOW he will always offer himself.

* AHA. I KNEW Snape-Dude was up to no good. And hello, Morgana, you look *lovely*.

* ;___; That Uther+Arthur scene was heartbreaking.

* Yay, slow-motion knights! And Arthur, dude, stop trusting your relatives! They're pretty always out to lie to you or steal your throne.

* Gwen! Gwen, Lancelot is so in love with you :(

* Lancelot, bb, just because you know about Merlin's magic doesn't give you an excuse to stalk him around the place. That's normally Gwaine's job.

* So according to Morgana's dream, Merlin isn't going to be her doom until he's very, very old and Emrys? I hope they're planning to make a LOT of seasons of this then!

* Arthur, throwing yourself on top of Merlin was all very heroic and all but now your torch is extinguished. That wasn't a good plan.

* "Merlin, you're braver than I gave you credit for." "Was that a complement?" "Don't be stupid."

* "I always thought that if things had been different we would have been good friends." "Yeah." BOYS <333 You're good friends now! Don't be so silly.

* MERLIN! That was not an acceptable way to die for Arthur! You come back to life right now!

Meep, I hate two-part episodes :(

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