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we were both young, when I first saw you

Haven't watched Doctor Who yet because I took myself to the cinema today and saw all the films instead.

First up was Tinker, Tailor, Solidier, Spy. Ohmygoodness, if you get the chance see this movie. It's phenomenal. About two minutes it, I thought 'wait, do I like spy thrillers, aren't they often kind of boring?' but this one is DEFINITELY not boring. I worked out who the mole was about 30 minutes in but then I spent the rest of the film second-guessing myself so it was still a brilliant mystery.

Tom Hardy was gorgeous and vulnerable and nuanced the way he always is (I love watching him act) and I have never enjoyed watching Mark Strong as much as I did here. This was a GOOD cast.

I was so sad that Benedict Cumberbatch had to get rid of his boyfriend :( That was so, so sad! And the way Mark Strong lit up every time he saw Colin Firth? God. There was a surprising about of gay in this film and the way it was so subtly and subtextually presented was fascinating, I thought.

Then, I had just enough time to pop to the loo before skittering into the next screen to watch 30: Minutes or Less (why is that colon there? I DON'T GET IT).

30MoL is... very silly? There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, but it wasn't hilarious. IDK, it was predictable and it sort of felt like watching two movies crammed into one? All the Jesse/Aziz side was fantastic, all the Danny McBride/Nick Swardson side made me want to punch people. Danny McBridge was SO douche-tastic and unlikeable, argh.

But this isn't a real review because JESSE. Ohhh, Jesse is a beautiful boy. I love his face. I would watch ANYTHING for more of his face.

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