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it's come to my attention that I need MORE Amy Pond icons

* "I bring you to a paradise planet two billion light years from Earth and you want to update twitter?"

* Dudes, did you forget Amy? Don't forget Amy.

* Doctor: "Hands, hello hands, robot with hands, Rory."

* Doctor: "Time's gone wobbly. I hate it when it does that."

* Doctor: "Small act of vandalism, no one will mind. Ah, that'll be the small act of vandalism alarm."

* Amy: "Rory, I love you. Now save me, come on." They have the BEST marriage.

* Doctor: "Hello, handsome man." Rory: "... hello." [The best and simplest solution to all things TARDIS is a threesome. Seriously.]

* Ruuun, Amy Pond! Amy Pond, how did you know to put yourself in the steam? Confused.

* Sometimes you do just have to stop and look at Amy and think 'how is anyone that beautiful?'

* Middle aged!Amy is awesome with a sword. She also looks very good for a... 57 year old? And has surprisingly good hair for someone who hasn't been near a hairdresser for 36 years.

* Rory: "I don't care that you got old. I care that we didn't grow old together." ♥

* Amy has a handbot called Rory ♥

* Rory, don't wander off. You know you get killed when you wander off.

* Rory: "You've been crying, haven't you? Little bit?" Amy: "Woman with a sword, don't push it."

* Amy: "Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met."

* Amy: "I'm going to pull time apart for you." (I love how Rory is the damsel in distress here, even though it's Amy who needed rescuing.)

* Rory: "Two Amys together, can that work?" The Doctor: "I don't know, it's your marriage."

* Doctor: "It's not rocket science! It's just quantum physics."

* Rory: "I'm not on my own. I've got my wives."

* Heee, future!Amy is VERY VERY COOL with all her warrior moves.


* Amy: "Tell Amy, your Amy, I'm giving her the days. Days with you. Days I can't have. Take them, please. I'm giving you my days." ;_; Fuck, why do they keep doing this? First Donna, now future!Amy.

* ... okay, next week's look TERRIFYING.

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