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Ohh, yes. This episode was much more like it!

* I have a feeling this one is going to be scary. Wibble.

* Ohhh, the little baby boy has OCD. *cuddles him*

* Right, this is a Mark Gattis ep. Are those the good ones? I never remember which of the writers I like best.

* Why would a block of flats like that have a landlord? Those are pretty clearly council flats.

* Rory and Amy Pond! Do you remember the fact that your baby daughter is still lost? I mean, I know she grows up to be River, but surely you still want to find her now?

* ACK! Wow, that did nothing to cure me of my fear of lifts. Good job, show.

* Elsie. Elsie! Elsie, dear, please go back home and ignore the moving rubbish bags. :/

* "Pantophobia. It's not a fear of pants, it's a fear of everything... Including pants, I suppose."

* "We're dead. Again." POOR RORY! He's dead too often. Also, where did he find a torch?

* Amy has a frying pan! She's Rapunzel :D

* Oh, oh, oh, creepy child's laughter. Scared now.

* Ahaha, no, the Doctor will not stop making tea. He's here to stay <3

* "First things first, have you got an Jammy Dodgers?" The man has priorities.

* "This is... weird." "Says the time travelling nurse." (Rory is a nurse, you guys, a nurse. Sometimes they remember that.)

* Oh, good, evil landlord man is being eaten by his floor. And his dog couldn't care less.

* Ooooh. George is another randomly appearing baby. That happens a lot in this show.

* Ack. ACK. Scared. Amy: "I take it all back. Panic now."

* "We went into the cupboard. How can it be bigger in here?" "More common than you'd think."


* "Like trying to remember the name of a person you met at a party when you were two. I can't just plump for Brian like I normally do."

* George! You have to save your daddy from the cupboard, bb. Aww, what a brave baby in his pyjamas ♥

* AWWWW! Crying. Totally crying. How lovely was that? Daddies and their children ♥_♥

* "Tick tock, goes the clock, even for the Doctor." Creeeepy.

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