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Doctor Who! Doctor Who is back!

* Are they making crop circles? Yes, yes they are.

* "Doctor not following this, Doctor very lost. You never said I was hot?"

* Baby Rory! ♥ and "Rory, how have I got Rory?" ♥♥Oh my goodness, he's so in love with her. That was all totally precious.

* "We're in a hurry, we're not trying to win an award." "That's what you said when we made Rasputin green."

* ... okay, I'm more than a little confused. These people are hanging out in fake!Goering's brain?

* Doctor: "I don't know what room, I haven't memorised every room in the universe yet; I had yesterday off."

* Ooh! Rory just punched Hitler. He's so cool. I love him.

* Well, obviously, Mels is Melody. Even I got that.

* ... Why does she has to weigh herself? Because she's a girl? In a new body?

* Doctor: "I'm dying, but I've got a plan. Not dying... See, a plan."

* I'm not actually sure I'm enjoying this episode? Can someone please tell me?

* Amy: "Can you ride a motorbike?" Rory: "I expect so; it's that sort of day."

* Why couldn't the TARDIS voice interface be the actual physical form of the TARDIS? I loved her. (And so did the Doctor.)

* Melody Pond, you are a very bad girl.

* Rory: "Miniaturisation ray." Amy: "How would you know that?" Rory: "Well there was a ray... and then we were miniaturised."

* River: "You're dying and you stopped to change?"

* Doctor: "Just had a quick left-leg power nap, forgot I had one scheduled. Actually, better sit down, I think I heard the right one yawning."

* "Never run when you're scared. Rule 7." ♥

* It's not like they've actually killed off the Doctor, not with so many episodes left to go. Oh, okay, if she gives him the power left over from her regeneration, will that stop her from being to regenerate again? ... And the answer is yes. Oops.

* "She just needs to rest, she'll be absolutely fine." "No, she won't, she will be amazing."

* Doctor: "She did kill me and then she used her remaining regenerations to bring me back. As first dates go, I'd say that was mixed signals."

* ... that was highly random. There was like, ten seconds of Hitler, if that. And it would have worked better if we'd knwn anything about Mels before this episode. But I still love Rory.

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