Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

we were holding back the flood, they said we'd never dance again

Oh hey, I totally forgot to update LJ again, didn't I? Sorry :( If you ever actually want to maintain contact with me, please follow my twitter? I'm way chattier over there.

Here is a run down of the past week:

1. Finished my Jesse/Andrew Notting Hill AU for harriet_vane! It's 40,000 words. I am sort of scared of trying to edit it but I WILL and then we'll have to see just how many LJ posts it's going to fill. Ack.

2. Discovered that I am apparently psychic. You remember how I wrote that fic where Andrew gets a job playing Biff Loman in Death of a Salesman off Broadway? WELL, guess what Real Life Andrew Garfield is doing next spring. *bows* (I'm not allowed to jet over to New York to see him, right?)

3. Accidentally started a fake boyfriend's AU with more fake boyfriend-y layers than Inception. This is not my fault, I asked people to stop me, but no one stopped me!

ETA: 4. Oh and I got promoted last week. Did I mention? Full time HR Advisor position effective 26 September - that's all I have ever wanted in my career. *beams*

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Tags: andrew-garfield-brings-the-joy
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