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no matter who wins in the end, love's got a lot to answer for

Guys, my parents have had themselves a summerhouse built. This is hilarious, because it's my dad's super-sekrit den for when my mum wants to watch soaps, but it's also genuinely the BEST thing I have ever seen. I want to live in it and write in it and never, ever leave. That's do-able, right? I can live without electricity, water or food?

I've been writing a lot lately, it's ridiculous. Which is GREAT but also means that I haven't been reading all that much. IDK, it's always one or the other with me. So if I owe you a comment, that's why. I'm not sure that '... but fic! :D?' is really a proper apology but, well, there WILL be fic soon? Lots of it. :D?

In the meantime, have a WIP meme:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.

From my Jesse/Andrew WIP folder:
1. accidental ons [ons = one night stand]
2. beach fic
3. BoB crossover
4. bruises
5. ghost fic
6. HP AU
7. Notting Hill AU
8. Threesome fic
9. Vacation Jesse

From my Merlin WIP folder:
1. Secret Millionnaire AU
2. Football AU
3. Slave Trader AU
4. Uni AU

From my Lee/Tony WIP folder:
1. make-up fic
2. Henry fic
3. Amnesia
4. Historical AU
5. hooker fic

From my TSN WIP folder:
1. girl!Eduardo
2. Chris's Wedding

From my Other WIP folder:
1. Jamie/Seb

... hmm, mostly now I'm wondering if I should be embarrassed by how many of these have AU in them, while the fact that I only have 21 WIPs at the moment is actually pretty good going for me.

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