Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

all our friends would say that maybe we should wait

Okay, so it's Monday. It's Monday and I went back to work after a week's leave and I'm tired. I have also melted because summer has abruptly decided to come to London. So, let's do this:

Ask me about my fics*, anything you've ever wanted to know, like what happens next or what a certain line means or do those characters stay together forever or did I really mean to imply that thing I implied two-thirds of the way in? Anything at all and you'll get an honest answer. (FYI: my fic)

* and you're welcome to ask about fics I've just
talked about writing too.

This is not a fic-writing meme because I am a DISASTER at finishing fic-writing memes. This is just an I-will-tell-you-things-about-stories meme. I'm much better at those.

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Tags: meme
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