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then their faces fade away

I'm just back from watching Deathly Hallows part the second. Eee, I loved it. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever or anything but it left me feeling very satisfied and the series perfectly rounded off.

Basically, there were two things that really bugged me so I'll get those out of the way first:

* Why did they go to the trouble of letting us know that they had Bellatrix's wand and then not take it to Gringotts with them? That makes no sense.
* I STILL hate the way that Professor McGonagall dismisses Slytherin House before the Battle of Hogwarts. She's their teacher for fuck's sake and just because Pansy wanted to sell Harry out doesn't mean that a whole house of people who were sorted when they were eleven aren't to be trusted.

OTHERWISE, I loved everything:

* Neville!
* Neville-and-Luna!
* Tiny, heartbroken baby!Harry in his cot!
* McGonagall waking up the stone soldiers!
* And the epilogue really wasn't too bad - I did my best not to pay any attention to the sappy things anyone was saying and just looked at their adorable kids instead. Albus Severus, you need all the hugs.
* ... there were definitely other things, but it's nearly midnight and I'm tired. Let's just go for ALL OF IT.

ETA: and I meant to say that I'm looking for recs for any and all post book 7 fics, preferably Harry/Draco or Draco/Neville. I've read quite a lot but I got into HP fic years late so I'm sure there are lots of amazing ones I've missed. Suggestions? :D

PS - also? Spider-man Trailer!

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