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you worked your whole life to show them all that you have what it takes to shine

New people to my journal will soon learn that I have this problem where I am completely unable to resist signing up for everything. Hence! I have an hc_bingo card.

job-related trauma attacked by a creature whipping / flogging unconsciousness headaches / migraines
insomnia hunger / starvation stranded / survival scenario self-harm hypothermia
nervous breakdown planet destruction WILD CARD family nausea
ostracised from society parting ways nightmares surgery undeserved reputation
time travel gone wrong orphans cursed group support experiments by evil scientists

I'm terrible at h/c because I always want to write the cuddles but never the hurt that comes before it. Plus, how on earth is 'family' h/c? Am I going to have to kill off someone's loved one? :/ I'm vaguely thinking Bob Bryar for 'surgery', Lee/Tony for 'time travel gone wrong' maybe, and probably Andrew/Jesse for 'insomnia' but I have no idea about any of the others. Help?

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Tags: hc_bingo
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