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I'd like to make you all flow like a river I know

1. First let's start with a PSA: crinklysolution has, amazingly, podficced all of my Merlin AU Not In This Land Alone! FOUR HOURS of my fic. Wow. ETA: Um, now with link!

2. After harborshore and I magically acquired Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Surrender from Foyle's last month, I never quite got around to cancelling my Amazon pre-order. Which means... guess what just arrived on my doormat! Would anyone like a copy? Free to a good home as long as you're prepared to let me flail at you about my love for Seb for a good hour happy to give me your postal address. ETA: Claimed! :D

3. I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus the other night. Apologies to my twitter list who had to put up with my flailing about Andrew Garfield's face in real time. I actually have no idea how I feel about the movie. I think it was good? It felt like they decided to completely change Tony's character once Colin Farrell started playing him? HOWEVER: ANDREW GARFIELD'S FACE. I just... I just love him so much. And his flaily limbs and his baby face and his attempts at a sort-of-cockney accent ♥

4. Speaking of Andrew Garfield. LOOK AT THIS:


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