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Does anyone watch Emmerdale? ;_;

"You're easily pleased."
"Basis for our relationship."
"Better than nothing?"
"Some days."

Oh god, emotionally stunted babies finally managing to call each other brilliant.

On a narrative level I have no idea how I feel about this being the ending of the Jackson/Aaron storyline but on an emotional level where Jackson has always been my favourite, I'm wrecked. I just... I keep thinking about this one tiny scene, some time last year, when Jackson was renovating Cameron's house and bumped into Chas while he was moving the fireplace. She asked him if he was taking his fireplace for a walk and he said something like 'yes, I know dogs are more traditional but I've always considered myself a trend-setter.'

UGH. I LOVED him. And I loved Aaron when they were together and I hate that they put Jackson in a wheelchair and I hate that now they've killed him and and and...

*deep breath* It's possible that I'm way too emotionally invested in a soap, isn't it?

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