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This post has REALLY BIG spoilers...

* Baby! IDK, I don't know what's happening but I'm totally easy for babies.

* Amy: "This man is your father. He has a name, but the people of our world know him better as... the Last Centurion." Amy knows that Rory is coming for them. BEST THING.

* "We're the thin fat gay married anglican Marines, why would we need names as well?"

* They dress sort of retro in 4000 AD. Also, what the hell is going on??

* "Captain Harcourt, I hope one day to meet you on the field of battle where I will crush the life from your worthless human shell... Try to get some rest."

* Ahaha, River breaking INTO the prison. Again. Of course she is.

* River: "Are you boys dressing as roman centurions now? I thought no one read my memos."

* Seriously, if whoever River really is isn't something TRULY MAGNIFICENT, I am going to be seriously miffed after all this build up.

* :((( Have they killed the gay Marine dude? They have, haven't they? :(((

* Okay, so the Headless Monks, really do not have heads. EXCEPT THE ONE WHO'S THE DOCTOR \o/

* "Please, point a gun at me if it helps you relax."

* "You do realise he's a man, don't you ma'am?" "Mamals, they all look alike." Aww, everyone's gay this episode ♥

* Why do the monks have Sith lightsabers?

* I think I need to rewatch a LOT of Doctor Who because I don't remember half of these people who have shown up to help. And I thought Pirate and Son were off in another realm somewhere? And where's Jack? Why wouldn't the Doctor have got Jack, if not the rest of Torchwood, to help?

* Doctor: "Oh look, I'm angry, that's new."

* Doctor: "Good men don't need rules. Today is not a good day to find out why I have so many."

* Amy: "Rory, they took our baby away." Rory: "Now, Mrs Williams, that is never, ever going to happen."

* Amy: "You're a crying roman with a baby. Definitely cool."

* I LOVE Rory telling the Doctor to get in there and meet the baby. Rory is fierce when it comes to his family. ♥

* Doctor: "Really you should call her Mummy, not big milk thin." The Doctor speaks baby because he speaks everything!

* Doctor: "Centurion, permission to hug." Rory: "Be aware I do have a sword." Doctor: "At all times."

* Doctor: "That's all human stuff, private, I don't know, they don't put up a balloon." Hee, poor Doctor. He gets all flustered about sex.

* Melody is the little regenerating girl in the space suit, isn't she? :(

* But Eyepath Lady, why are you at war against the Doctor? The Doctor's awesome!

* Get in the TARDIS! Get in the TARDIS! These people are being attacked, why are they not getting in the TARDIS?

* Amy: "Rory, no offence to the others, but you let them all die first, okay?"

* OH. OH that wasn't Melody. Melty baby :(((

* OH MY GOD STOP. WHO IS RIVER SONG? TELL ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW..........................................
.........River is their daughter? RIVER IS THEIR DAUGHTER? I mean, I guessed that, but I didn't think it really would be the answer. I thought it would be something more unguessable than that. Though the Pond = River, Melody = Song thing is clever. I... don't know how I feel about the Doctor making out with Amy and Rory's baby. Also, is River part-Time Lord too then? ALSO, how long has she known? Also, also, also...

WHY IS THERE A MID-SEASON HIATUS? We don't do that over here! Give me more Doctor :(((

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