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out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat

* Arthur Darvill has been giving a LOT of interviews this week and none of them have filled me with much hope for Rory Pond /o\

* I feel like I would have understood that jelly baby reference more if I'd seen Old Who? I very much like our!Doctor looking after ganger!Doctor though.

* "Is that what you were thinking?" "Yes, it's just so inspiring to hear me say it."

* "Do we tend to say yowzer?" "That's enough, let it go, we're under stress."

* Um, if they can't breathe, maybe they should move...? Ah, yes, there we go.

* John Smith! Yes, Doctor, she might as well call you John Smith ♥

* Amy is making very evil eyes at ganger!Doctor. Who knew she was so judgy?

* Eyepatch Lady is really starting to bug me.

* Oh dear, melted Jennifer. Yeah, still not trusting the other one though. There's nothing to stop them BOTH being gangers though, is there?

* Shallow, shallow note but Amy's hair is looking lovely today.

* Rory, dude, seriously. You're married to Amy Pond and you fell for "oh my, I'm just a weak little girl in need of a big strong man"?

* Ew, why are there eyes in a wall? And ganger!Jennifer please don't eat Northern Dude.

* Ganger!Jennifer give Rory back! He needs to be with Amy :(

* "If you've got a better plan, I'm all ears. In fact, if you've got a better plan, I'll take you to a planet where everyone's all ears." ♥

* Scottish Dude is taking a very long time to die for someone with acid in his heart.

* Aww, Adam is the cutest little boy, with the cutest little dance ♥

* Ha! I knew they swapped shoes. That's rather sneaky, isn't it? ALSO now the Doctor knows that Amy saw him die.

* I know the TARDIS can do anything, but how does she make gangers human? That seems like a step too far even for her.

* "Shenanigans. Beautiful word, shenanigans."

* ... okay, what's going on? I'm worried for Amy Pond. Oh! OH! OH! WAIT. HAS AMY BEEN A GANGER SINCE EPISODE TWO OF THIS SEASON? I am so confused. So confused. (But at least Rory's still alive?)

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