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Every now and then that post a line from each of your WIPs meme comes around and I think "oh hey! I must do that!" and then I always forget. Well, tonight I have not forgotten \o/

Merlin - Secret Millionaire AU: Merlin’s eyebrows draw together.  “I’m not leaving Ealdor,” he says, “I’m not Aladdin; I don’t need to come and live in your palace.”

Z/Ryan - telepath AU prequel: Z stares at the guy behind the counter until he starts to fidget. “Nothing? No baby food at all?” she asks. “Not even some of that goop in a jar stuff?” She doesn’t know much about feeding babies, okay, but she knows that they often seem to end up smeared in orange gunk.

TSN - Chris's Wedding fic: Sean clears his throat again and when he speaks, his voice is quiet, like he doesn’t want to be overheard.  “Listen, I know this is totally out of left field and Chris will kill me if he finds out, but you haven’t RSVP’d for the wedding and I wanted to make sure you are coming.”

Smoke Series - Lee/Tony/Henry PWP: Henry’s head snaps up and Lee freezes. There’s something weird about his eyes and Lee can’t look away. Lee is used to Henry looking at him with distain, with superiority, with curiosity but never with hunger before.

Jesse/Andrew - Accidental One Night Stand fic: Andrew smiled at him. “Shall we share a bottle?” he asked. He hesitated. “Unless you’re waiting for someone?” Was he hinting? Jesse wondered then rolled his mental eyes at himself; of course he wasn’t hinting, people didn’t see Jesse and decide to pick him up.

Jesse/Andrew - Ghost Fic: The boy stares at Andrew, biting his lip. He looks like he wants to say a million things but doesn’t know where to start. “No one can see me,” he says eventually. He wrings his hands together around the spine of the book then stops, smoothing it out. “No one’s been able to see me for a really long time.”

Jesse/Andrew - Notting Hill AU for [personal profile] harriet_vane: “Jesse, Jesse, don’t front. That was Andrew Garfield.” Justin waves a hand. “Andrew Garfield in your apartment, wearing what looked a hell of a lot like your college sweatshirt. Fuck, dude, tell me you’re banging Spider-man? Please.”

Jesse/Andrew - Vacation Jesse: Inside his head, all Jesse's thinking is oh my god, thank god, I haven’t been abandoned and rejected by my host family before they’ve even met me. I won’t have to go live with Fagin until I can earn my passage home.

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