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she can wait if she wants, she's ahead of her time

* Woman, why did you just push that dude in the acid? Ew, he's melting...

* Northern Contractor: "Had an accident in the workplace? Yes, I have as a matter of fact, I just melted."

* Hee, Amy and Rory playing darts :D

* Doctor, STOP trying to work out if Amy's pregnant. It's getting creepy now.

* Doctor: "Behold! A cockerel. Love a cockerel."

* Awww, did Amy just kiss Rory's acid-burned finger better? Potentially problematic for the potential existence of her lips but, otherwise: aww.

* Doctor, don't touch the creepy melted flesh, bb.

* Jennifer Lucas, I suspect you are going to die both horribly and heroically at some point. Sorry, love.

* Rory, why are you hanging around Jennifer? The poor girl needs some privacy. And may be a ganger. Um.

* Amy: "Doctor, Rory?"
Doctor: "Rory."
Amy: "Rory!"
Doctor: "Oh, Rory."

* Scottish Contractor: "Amy, I wouldn't."
Amy: "Nor would I. What can you do?"
[Eee, Amy is the best! Why is she married to Rory not me?]

* If they can keep having Rory hug Jennifer and have Amy not get jealous, that would be fabulous. Not likely, but fabulous.

* Jennifer: "Amy's a lucky girl."
Rory: "Yeeeah, she is."

* Ack, one-eyed woman in the door slot again. Go away, be gone!

* Oh hello, has the Doctor been cloned? [five minutes later: why yes, yes he has. Into a slightly posher version of himself, by the sounds of his voice.]

* I like how they have acid suits but their hands are still uncovered. Are hands just an extravagant luxury then?

* Basically, this was a good set up for a two-part episode. Lots of things started, nothing wound up. Sort of hard to get too squeeful about, but interesting.

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