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I'm officially dropping out of casestory - this is partly because five big bangs is a really crazy number but mostly because I only want to write TSN RPS at the moment and Case Story doesn't allow RPF. I get really sad when things don't allow RPF, really sad.

In much happier news, AO3 are now allowing users to subscribe to authors to be alerted when they post a new story. I can't imagine that anyone wants to subscribe to me but, you know, if you do, I'm at favicontorakowalski and I'll mostly be writing TSN RPS, Merlin and a little bit of bandom for the foreseeable future.

And, in the HAPPIEST OF ALL news, harriet_vane has posted her Coffee Shop AU \o/ Ten Cups Of Coffee (A Love Story) which an hilarious/adorable tale of grad school!Jesse and barista!Andrew who loves him. *recs like woah*

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Tags: andrew-garfield-brings-the-joy, aooo, jesse-eisenberg-deserves-a-tag-too, rec
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