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Well you can tear a plane in the falling rain

1. Boything and I went to see The Green Hornet last night. It was... okay? No idea why they felt the need to make it 3D but, there you go. I liked Cameron Diaz and Jay Chou's characters and I thought the pacing of the plot worked well after the beginning. Eh, it was a fun thing to do with my Friday evening, anyway.

2. Is it really, really bad that I spent a good chunk of this afternoon re-reading my own bandom big bang from last year? I wrote that fic in such a rush and haven't re-read it since that it was almost like reading a brand new story.

Which brings us to...

3. Timestamp meme! Pick any of my fics and ask me what happened at a certain time in its canon (i.e. three years before the first scene, two months after the last, between two scenes right in the middle, during a scene that was mentioned but not written, that sort of thing).

(These might take me a couple of days since my wrists hurt like hell. Stupid wrists.)

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