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BBB Masterpost: (Not Your) Superman Tonight by torakowalski

(Not Your) Superman Tonight

Bands: My Chemical Romance, Cobra Starship, The Like, The Young Veins, (Panic at the Disco and Gym Class Heroes)
Pairings: Bob Bryar/Brian Schechter, Z Berg/Ryan Ross, past Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump
Word Count: 37,000 words
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. Contains graphic action movie-style violence, references to addiction and mental illness.

Brian scratches his neck. "This is the NSA," he says, "The National Security Administration. They're feds."

Bob raises his eyebrows, all
no, really?

Brian winces. "They employ telepaths. Like Asher and-"
me. He can't say it. He folds his arms. "It's not as weird as it sounds."

Author's Notes:

I really cannot believe how long this story is. It was 15,000 words shorter when I submitted the first draft but then it grew.

So, so many thanks to harborshore for betaing this monster twice in a week (and then checking another scene for me tonight!) and cheering me on through the entire process. ♥ Also, thank you to the people on my flist who said they were excited about the idea; I really hope you enjoy it.

The general idea for this is based on the TV movie Thoughtcrimes, from which I stole the National Security Administration (NSA). No knowledge of Thoughtcrimes is needed to understand the story though.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Or available as one document at here at AO3.

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Superman by seewrong (contains spoilers for the story and a little bit of blood and gore)

Fanmix by shellies
Tags: bigbang-2010, bob/brian, fic
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