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BBB: Art by seewrong

This is the art post for (Not Your) Superman Tonight. Art by seewrong.

Warning: contains spoilers for the story and a little bit of blood and gore.

Isn't it amazing? I love it! It's this scene:

“Huh,” Bob says, looking down at his bloody hands.

“Okay?” Brian asks, meaning to put his hand on Bob’s arm but ending up with fingers on his wrist. Both their hands are bloody but none of it’s theirs. Brian will take that.

Thank you so much, seewrong. I love how the picture captures that little moment of stillness after all the craziness of trying to escape and taking down Norton's minions. You can really see how exhausted they are from the way they're leaning into each other, but also how pleased they are that it's each other they're leaning in to. ♥

Everyone please comment and feed the artist!
Tags: artpost, bigbang-2010
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