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Sticky! Story List

Because I'll never have the technical ability to make myself a website here is a list of my fic. List will be updated as I write...

Universal Disclaimer: Anyone you recognise in any of these fics? Belongs to themselves or to someone else who isn't me... I'm just playing with their toys

*** all fics are also available on The Archive of Our Own ***

Vikings (TV)

In The Key of F Sharp Minor | Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar | gen | 554 words.

Teen Wolf

Might Not Seem Like The Safest Bet | Derek/Stiles | NC-17 | 727 words | references to kink.

The Mending That You Need | Derek/Stiles | NC-17 | 3800 words | contains subdrop and kink discussion.

Skyfall (2012)

And Maybe We'll Sleep Tonight | Q/Tanner | PG-13 | 4200 words | for paperclipbitch

With Your Hand In My Hand We'll Still Stand | Q/Bill Tanner | PG-13 | 5,700 words | SPOILERS for the film.

Avengers (2012)

Stick Together and See if Through - background Clint/Coulson | PG-13 | 5,600 words.

Break The Sound and Change The Season - Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 31,600 words.

And All The Clocks Came Back To Life - Clint/Coulson | PG-13 | 4000 words.

They Say You Can't Put A Number On Love | Clint/Coulson | PG-13 | 3000 words.

Back To The Place You Are | Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 7,000 words | Uniform Kink.

'Til You Came Along and Fixed Me | Clint/Coulson | R | 4,100 words.

The Same Old Tricks In A Brand New Town | Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 3000 words | Agents of SHIELD 'verse.

And You Know I'm Not Holding My Breath | Clint/girl!Coulson | PG-13 | 1000 words | high school AU + always-a-girl!Phil.

Never Fear Those Mountains In The Distance | gen | 1600 words | de-aged!Phil.

Been Looking At You Forever | Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 18,800 words.

These Things Take Forever | Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 2,100 words.

All I've Got Left To Believe In | Clint/Coulson | NC-17 | 35,000 | high school AU.

I'll Learn To Dance If You Promise Not To Laugh | Clint/Coulson, Jane/Thor | NC-17 | 10,100 | college AU.

Snow Is Falling (Like Forgiveness From The Sky) | Steve/Bucky | PG-13 | 3300 words | for goshemily

Breathing In The Moment | Clint/Coulson | PG-13 | 3600 words | for harborshore

Learn How To Tell You Goodbye - Phil/Clint, Steve/Bucky | NC-17 | 40,000 words | for marvel_bang.

Never Saying Goodbye - Phil/Clint | PG-13 | 3,800 words | #coulsonlives fic.

Tell You Secrets Nobody Knows - Phil/Clint/Natasha | NC-17 | 5100 words | for harborshore.

Just A Little Taste of Where I Came From - Steve+Tony, Clint/Phil | PG-13 | 20,500 words | deaging fic for avengers_rbb.

Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark On Me) - Clint/Phil | NC-18 | 20,000 words | no spoilers | kink.

Like Fine Print, Hard To Read - Clint/Phil | NC-17 | 3,800 words | spoilers for the film | obedience kink.

You Can Look Back But Don't Stare - Clint/Phil | PG-13 | 2,300 words | spoilers for the film.

Been A Long Time But I'm Back In Town - Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes | PG-13 | 900 words.

As Far As I Ever Had to Go - Clint/Phil | Gen | 1,000 words | spoilers for the film.

Until Exhausted Close Our Eyelids - Clint/Phil | PG-13 | 1,000 words | spoilers for the film.

One More Time For The Good Times - Clint/Phil | PG-13 | 800 words.

What We've Got Here Is Enough - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | NC-17 | 7,300 words.

And There Are No Words For That - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | R | 1,200 words | first time.

Now We've Learned To Kiss The Sky - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | NC-17 | 13,800 words.

Something Minor and Quiet and Peaceful and Slow - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | NC-17 | 2,700 words.

They Always Said We Were The Lucky Ones - Clint Barton/Phil Coulson | R | 2,800 words | h/c.

Demon's Lexicon - Sarah Rees Brennan

Lift Your Head And Look Out The Window - Jamie/Seb, Mae/Nick | gen | 1600 words | post-series.

Billy Elliot (the film)

And At The Same Time Something Makes You Whole - Billy/Michael, Billy/OMC | R | 7400 words | post film.

X-Men: First Class

That Sleepy Person Lying Next To You - Alex/Darwin, gen.

Tell Me The News From A House Down The Road - past Erik/Charles, implied Darwin/Alex, Raven/Angel | PG-13 | 2000 words.

At Least The War Is Over - past Erik/Charles | Gen | 2,600 words | post movie.

The Social Network - RPS

Forever Can Never Be Long Enough, Or The Earl of Epsom Takes A Husband - Jesse/Andrew | NC-17 | 60,500 words | Regency AU.

Rest Your Head Close To My Heart - Jesse/Andrew | PG-13 | 15,500 words | de-aged fic.

All The Stars and Bleeding Hearts - Jesse/Andrew | NC-17 | 40,500 words | Notting Hill AU for harriet_vane

Apartment AU 'verse:

Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be - Jesse/Andrew | NC-17 | 21,500 words | AU.

Several Storeys High - Jesse/Andrew | NC-17 | 2,700 words | coda.

Nameless But Not Unknown - Jesse/Andrew | R | 18,400 words | amnesia fic.

(Never Had a Choice) When It Came To You - Jesse/Andrew | NC-17 | 8700 words | future fic.


Ain't It Good To Think About The Weather - Raylan/Boyd | NC-17 | 9600 words | yuletide 2010 fic for fantasticpants.


One Fumbled Touch - Zach/Shaun | NC-17 | 2080 words | contains: fisting.


Please Don't Ask Me To Spend The Night - girl!Arthur/girl!Eames | NC-17 | 4600 words | post-movie.

(Everything Could Be Everything) If Only We Were Older - Arthur/Eames | NC-17 | 4100 words | pre-movie.

Everybody Needs Somewhere to Go - Arthur/Eames | R | 2900 words | post-movie.

The Smile of Garbo and the Scent of Roses - Arthur/Eames | PG-13 | 2100 words | genderbending in a dream.

BBC's Sherlock

Episode tag to The Blind Banker (season 1, episode 2) - gen | 635 words


Still Time For You | NCIS | McGee/DiNozzo | R | 21,500 words | Modern Day High School AU written for au_bigbang.

Take A Fall, Take A Shot (For You) - McGee/Tony, PG-13, 1,900 words. Fandom cliche: forced-to-share-a-bed cliche for miscellanny.

Tanya Huff's Smoke series

Thankful For The Little Things | Lee/Tony | R | 4400 words | for the24thkey

Like The Shiver Of A Passing Train - Lee/Tony, NC-17, 6200 words. Pre-canon, prostitution.

Be Here With Me - Lee/Tony, PG-13, 1100 words. Contains spoilers for Tanya Huff's short story See Me.

Write It All Down For Me - Lee/Tony, NC-17, 2300 words. For the24thkey and kink_bingo.

Call To Say Come Dance With Me - Lee/Tony, PG-13, 3500 words. High School AU for malnpudl.

Make a Home, Invite You In - Lee/Tony, R, 15000 words. Written for key_sama for yuletide 2009.

M Chandler's Shadow of the Templar series

When Words Aren't Warm Enough - Nate/Johnny, NC-17, 2000 words. Written for wildestranger for yuletide 2009.


How Lonely People Make A Life - girl!Merlin/Arthur | PG-13 | 2,500 words | university AU for harborshore.

Summer Hasn't Touched The Clouds That Pass Above - Merlin/Arthur | NC-17 | 10,000 words | post-season 3 AU | written for bardiegrub

Not In This Land Alone | Merlin/Arthur | R | 37,800 words | modern AU | written for paperlegends (Merlin big bang) 2010.

So This Is The New Year | Merlin/Arthur | NC-17 | 5000 words | modern AU | character spoilers for season 2

Live Tonight Like It's Your First - Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 2200 words. Birthday porn for janne_d. (DW link)

Kiss Me First - Merlin/Will, R, ~1100 words. (DW link)

Fall Off The Earth - Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, ~3100 words.

Time Now To Be The Future - written for [personal profile] the_antichris for [community profile] yuletide 2008. Merlin/Arthur, confusing time travel, PG-13, ~8010 words.

My Chemical Romance

Hear Airwaves Say Snow Day - Bob/Brian | 2200 words | NC-17 | high school AU.

Bob, Girl Detective 'verse

Just My Luck, Can't Live Without - always-a-girl!Bob/Brian | 3600 words | NC-17.

Normal Life Like Sleepwalking - always-a-girl!Bob/Brian | PG-13 | 6200 words. Cop AU for harborshore.

Telepaths 'verse

(Not Your) Superman Tonight - Bob/Brian. NC-17. 37,000 words. Telepath AU written for bandombigbang 2010.

Something About You (I Want To Rescue) - Z Berg/Ryan Ross. PG-13. 1900 words. Prequel.

Guess It's Half Timing (The Other Half's Luck) - Fandom cliché: Telepathy | Bob/Brian | gen-rated | 870 words | for harborshore

Wuthering Heights 'verse

Wuthering Heights and Stormy Nights - always-a-girlBrian/Bob. NC-17, 34512 words, written for bandombigbang 2009.

Roots That Sleep Beneath My Feet - always-a-girl!Brian/Bob. NC-17. 1900 words. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

And Hold The Earth In Place - always-a-girl!Brian/Bob. NC-17. 3200 words, written for miscellanny's Sex Is Not The Enemy challenge.

Untitled - PG-13, Bob/Brian, ~900 words, Waybaby!

Panic at the Disco

Hard To Believe in Sundays - NC-17, Jon/Ryan, ~21000. Truckstops and Statelines tour era. (DW link)

Believe in Something Like A Summer - NC-17, Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan, ~6900

Who Says You Can't Go Home 'verse
Only One Place They Call You One of Their Own - NC-17, Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan (Spencer/Tom), for [profile] harlequin_bands, ~19,000

Crashed into a Pot of Gold - PG-13, Jon/Ryan, Spencer/Tom, ~1700, timestamp prequel, 4 years previous

Doesn't Matter Where You Go - PG-13, Jon/Ryan (Brendon/Spencer), ~1200, timestamp sequel, honeymoon

Waiting 'verse
Destined For Anything At All - NC-17, Brendon/Shane ~4500.

Close Enough to Taste It - R, Shane/OMC, Brendon/Shane ~1800, timestamp

And A Man Can Raise a Thirst - G, Brendon/Spencer, ~1500

Use it Only for Me - R, Brendon/Spencer ~4600. Boyfriends: fake and real

Fall Out Boy

CJ Cregg Never Had This Problem - PG-13, Pete/Patrick ~2500. White House AU

Live Free or Die Hard

[NEW] And I'll Stay Right Here - for kink_bingo square bondage (held down). John/Matt, NC-17, 2000 words.

Just That Simple Thing - NC-17, John/Matt ~5900 - [community profile] yuletide 2007 fic for greenet

Mr Rock and Roll - NC-17, John/Matt ~5700


Riding Shotgun on the World Tonight - NC-17, Vince/Eric ~3000


Moonlight Serenade - G, Jack/Tosh, spoilers for Captain Jack Harkness and End of Days ~400

Choice - Hard R, Jack/Ianto ~1400

SGA/SG-1 Crossover

Falling From the Sky Now and Then - R, John/Cameron ~4500. For [personal profile] raisintorte and sg_flyboys


The Telltale Stories in Your Eyes - NC-17, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett ~3800


Rest- G, Cameron implied-Jack/Daniel spoilers for SG-1 9x06 Beachhead ~700

Stargate Atlantis

With Bones Like That - John/Rodney, NC-17, ~9000. AU, temporary genderfuck.
The One You Believe - Carson POV, ~1100 words, timestamp

Not Exactly a Hardship - John/Rodney, PG-13, ~1800

Up To and Including the Blue Moon Ball - John/Rodney, R, ~8000. For mcshep_match

Sleepy Rodney + Sleepy Rodney's Belly - a little bit of belly-appreciation for sheafrotherdon

The Smell of Rain in Summer - John/Rodney, NC-17 ~800

Memory - John/Rodney, PG-13, spoilers for Return Pt 1 & Brotherhood ~600

Cheat - John/Rodney, PG-13 ~650

Team Movie Night - John/Rodney, NC-17 ~1000

Want - John/Rodney, G ~220

Term of Endearment - John/Rodney, PG-13 ~300

Space Needle - John/Rodney, NC-17 ~570

Above The Blue and Windy Sea - NC-17, Rodney/Teyla ~7000. For [personal profile] bluejbird for [profile] sticksandsnark.

Light Of Day (timestamp sequel to True Enough for [personal profile] purelyironic) - NC-17, John/Rodney

A (Making) Love Scene (timestamp sequel to Scenes From An Accidental Courtship for [personal profile] bluebrocade) - NC-17, John/Rodney

Crawling Out From The Inside - NC-17, Rodney/John, Rodney/Ronon, OT4. For [community profile] 14valentines.

His Way Through the Constellation - McShep, PG-13

The White House AU Series (snippets from an SGA/The West Wing crossover 'verse):
The Best Defense Is An Eight Foot Giant - McShep, G.
Believe in Things You Can't See - gen, John, Rodney, ~900 words, pre-fic timestamp

Typical - R, McKay/Sheppard, post-The Game episode tag

Five Pieces of Information about the Ancients that Sheppard Would Like Downloaded into his Brain - PG-13, implied McKay/Sheppard

Five Reasons Why No One Knows Lorne's First Name - PG-13, Lorne/Parrish, implied McKay/Sheppard

Slow and Steady - Beckett/Cadman, PG, minor spoiler for Returns 1&2.

Stubble On My Sticky Lips - McShep, NC-17, first time, PWP

True Enough - McShep, NC-17, post-Progeny tag plus missing scene.

Winding Down - McShep, NC-17, sleepy PWP, for janne_d

Finally Found - McShep, PG-13, post-Atlantis

Infinite Probability (Has Been’s, Would Be’s and Never Were’s) - McShep, R, angst

AO3 Marooned - McShep ER, PG-13, for the B-Movie Ficathon

Scenes from an Accidental Courtship - McShep first time, NC-17

Remain Silent - McShep-ish, NC-17, light voyerism and angst

Aiden Ford's Bad Day - McShep, PG-13, pure fluff and stonedShep

Wedding Day - Carson/Rodney, R, short, unbetaed celebration fic

Fluffy Flying Lemons - McShep, PG-13, fluffy crack

The White Rose - Ford/Teyla, McShep implied, NC-17

Wounded - post-The Eye, Sheppard/McKay, NC-17

Mincemeat - sweet and fluffy, established McShep, Beckett/Zelenka pre-slash, PG-13

Due South

Surprise! - PG-13, pre-slash, Post CotW, birthday fic for [profile] mondschein1

What Turnbull Sees - PG-13, Post CotW, Turnbull POV, RayK/Fraser

Road Trip! - R, Post CotW Fraser/RayK first time, Seekrit Santa fic for [profile] asjbg

Ghost Story - R, main character death, RayK/Fraser (implied), RayK/RayV (pre-slash)

Metamorphosis - PG-13 implied slash

The Cage - R mild slash, Fraser/RayK

Bizarrely Perfect - R, kidfic Fraser/RayK

Never Again - R, sad, OC Character deaths, Fraser/RayK

To Run - AU, R, m/m sexual situations, Fraser/RayK

Last Night - dark, attempted non-con, multiple character deaths NC-17, Fraser/RayK, Fraser/female

Bitter Wine - Ray/Ray NC-17

Anything for You - (sequel to Bitter Wine) Threesome, NC-17 Fraser/RayK/RavV

Thawing Out - RayK/Fraser

Longer Fics:

The Lovers We Were - RayK/Fraser established relationship, NC-17, explicit slash

Remember, Remember - RayK/Fraser, first time, NC-17

The Heart Grows Fonder - RayK/Fraser, established relationship, post-CotW, NC-17 slash

Hard Core Logo

Fine - set immediately post-film, Joe/Billy implied, R

Dues - Billy/Joe, NC-17

Wilby Wonderful

The Morning After - Dan/Duck, PG-13

Eight Days and Nights - Dan/Duck, R

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