Tora (torakowalski) wrote,

put an apron on and come stand next to me

My Generation Kill DVDs arrived yesterday and I'm having to work so hard not to start watching them all over again. That would be wrong, right? I should take a break. Maybe read the book or One Bullet Away? Tell me not to watch Generation Kill again already, please? I AM NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO RESIST ALONE!

I'm still ploughing through the cuddle prompts that you lovely lot gave me, but here's a round up of the first five I've written:

Die Hard 4 - John/Matt for sociofemme

Bandom/Merlin - Lyn-Z and Morgana (yes, really) for harborshore

NCIS - McGee/DiNozzo for miscellanny

Merlin - Merlin/Arthur for purelyironic

Bandom/NCIS Brendon/Spencer for harriet_vane

If I haven't got to your prompt yet then a) I'm veryveryvery sorry and b) I will!
Tags: bandom, brendon/spencer, diehard4, ficlet, matt/john, mcgee/dinozzo, merlin, merlin/arthur, ncis
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