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I am jealous of all you people in America who don't have to go to work today. (Yes, we had our bank holiday last Monday but last Monday is not this Monday, shh!) Also, I just took a giant bite of mashed potato which turned out to be burning hot and stuck to the roof of my mouth. Blisters now. Ouch.

All of this means, that I feel the need to make a recs post. I like making recs posts *g*

Generation Kill

On How Sergeant Colbert is Nothing At All Like Winnie the Pooh, and Other Important Lessons That Can Be Learned While Observing the Sergeant Laying under a Jeep by sparky77 - (Brad/Nate, PG-13, mid-IOF). Ray-POV and hilarious. Ray and Brad's friendship comes off in waves here.

You Who Are My Home by shoshannagold - (Brad/Ray, R, post-mini series). This is the only Brad/Ray I'll be reccing because there's a tragic lack. It's an excellent, long fic that really shows the warmth Brad and Ray have for each other while keeping them in character.

Mistakes We Knew We Were Making by snglesrvngfrend - (Brad/Nate, NC-17, AU). Basically a PWP but with a good Nate-voice and wonderful cameos by some of the rest of the team. Nate's a bartender who does not sleep with Marines.

The Road Not Taken by hackthis - (Brad/Nate, NC-17, AU). You'd do well by reading any of hackthis's fics but this one is my favourite. Nate is a college professor and the guys all join his class.

American Idol

Far Along This Road by [info - personal] jerakeen - (Adam/Kris, NC-17, AU). Adam is an actor, Kris manages a pub and they keep hooking up.

Apples Are Not The Only Fruit by bexless - (Adam/Kris, NC-17, AU). Adam is a famous movie star, Kris is a supply teacher who'd like to be a singer and together they are epically adorable.


I have a new policy, it involves reading all of catwalksalone's Tony/McGee fics, grinning, and then reccing them to you. I think you'll like this policy.

Just What is a Karmic-chi Love Thing, Anyway? by catwalksalone - (Tony/McGee, NC-17, first time). This is hilarious and awesome and just the right side of a little bit romantic.

Let's Do The Show Right. Here! by catwalksalone - (Tony/McGee, R, established relationship). In which Tony wants them to come out at work but McGee is less convinced.

Very Special Agent DiNozzo: Investigative Hound by catwalksalone - (Tony/McGee, R, first time). Tony is a trained detective, he can use that to see if McGee likes likes him. Read this one today, had to bite my fingers in half not to laugh out loud at work.

Harry Potter

Strange Bedfellows by casspeach - (Draco/Neville, NC-17, AU). Post-war AU in which Neville reluctantly works for the Ministry, Draco is his PA and people are suspicious.

Arctic Fox by scrtkpr - (Harry/Draco, EWE, NC-17). After the war, Harry meets Draco again at Auror training. Has a very human Draco and a Harry who is believably confused and nineteen.

Transfigurations by resonant8 - (Harry/Draco, EWE, NC-17). Harry returns to Hogwarts to help piece it back together. This is the fanon Draco of my heart. Long, plotty and awesome.

Currency by byblythe & circe_tigana - (Harry/Draco, NC-17, AU). One of the best things I've read this year. Harry is a merchant banker, Draco runs Olivander's, and the sex is *scorchingly* hot.

Corridors of Power by byblythe - (Harry/Draco, NC-17, AU). Post War AU. Draco the hereditary peer, Harry the MP. Very, very clever. (This fic's epilogue's was written about a year after the main fic but is *really* necessary to the story.)

/end recs

*blinks* I have some pretty diverse fandoms at the moment, don't I?
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