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I just tripped and fell into signing up to write a Die Hard 4 fic for Small Fandom Big Bang. Oops? You should all go sign up too so I don't feel so lonely.

I'm not really doing much at the moment except reading fic so would you like some recs? I pretty much base all my fic-reading on other people's recs these days, so I thought I should pay it forward:

High School Musical:

The Other Side of You by paperclipbitch (who writes a lot of my favourite fics across several fandoms). Chad/Ryan. PG-13. A long, plotty getting-together fic set after HSM 2.

Happenstance by alethialia. Chad/Ryan. College fic. NC-17.

Tipping the Kinsey Scale by fools_game. Chad/Ryan. NC-17. Chad is straight. No, really. Ryan is not straight, and this doesn’t bother Chad at all. No, really. Bitter-sweet and lovely.

Summer Time by allyndra. Chad/Ryan. PG-13. About graduation and growing up and the things that change and the things that don't.

Ryan's Three Rules by queenitsy. Chad/Ryan. PG-13. Long and delicious and excellent. This is probably my favourite HSM fic. Ryan has three rules he lives by: One, always wear a hat; two, only trust an Evans; and three, never, ever get involved with someone in the closet.

A Couple Of Miles by bachelor_girl. Chad/Ryan. PG-13. Post-HSM3, Chad visits Ryan at Julliard.

Friday I'm In Love by writinginblood. Chad/Ryan. Troy/Gabriella. Zeke/Sharpay. NC-17. Troy and Chad both have plans to lose their virginities.

And these three, which are flocked to the idontdance comm but getting access is very very easy:

Homemade Gifts (Nearly Always Suck)* by th_easurus. Chad/Ryan. R. In which Chad and Ryan are happy as they are and Troy means well.

A Series of (Un)Fortunate (Mis)Understandings* by kuhori_rei. Chad/Ryan (ultimately). R. Ryan wants Chad, Zeke wants Sharpay so they pretend to be dating in order to get them. The Ryan/Zeke bits were actually my favourite.

Lemon Drops* by ghettogreta. Chad/Ryan. NC-17. Yay for drunk hook-ups! The Ryan voice is really good in this one.

Star Trek:

I'm Just A Jealous Guy by londondrowning. Kirk/McCoy. R. Established relationship. "Leonard McCoy is thirty-one and he's too fucking old to be anybody's jealous boyfriend."

And You Take Me The Way I Am by londondrowning. Kirk/girl!McCoy. NC-17. Awesome, awesome girl!McCoy (not least because the author casts her as Linda Cardellini on whom I have a girlcrush).


Let The Beat Build by samedifference_. NC-17. Brendon/Cassadee Pope's made-up cousin Danny. (I love fics in which Brendon gets a Nice Boy <3).


Bandom/AI - More by disarm_d. Brendon Urie/Adam Lambert. NC-17. These two make such a good pairing. I love how Adam is older and wiser and infinitely amused by Brendon.

Also, Bronx Wentz is the cutest child ever to exist omg. (His mum is not far behind in the cuteness department either.)
Tags: bandom, eyelinerbaby, hsmwtf, recs, smallfandombigbang-2009, startrek
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