September 1st, 2012

Movie Avengers Steve suit

ARBB Fic: Just A Little Taste Of Where I Came From (Steve+Tony, Phil/Clint) 1/2

My first of (hopefully) a couple of big bangs for the summer, here is my avengers_rbb fic.

Title: Just A Little Taste Of Where I Came From (AO3 link)
Pairing: Steve+Tony friendship, implied Clint/Coulson.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 20,500
Warning: includes a sick/potentially dying child, brief mentions of past torture.
Notes: With thanks to harborshore and 17pansies for alllll the betaing and to my poor twitter feed for putting up with me talking about this one endlessly. <3

This fic is based on davincis_girl's amazing and adorable art. I wasn’t going to sign up for this challenge but then I saw her beautiful drawing and had no choice! Go here to check out the full sized pieces and tell her how amazing she is!

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