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Here is fic written for smallfandomfest. I claimed this prompt in the last round too but didn't have time to write it - thank goodness for Christmas breaks!

The prompt I wrote this for is: The first time Tony met Lee, he was hustling for a little extra cash; the second time, Tony's first day at CB Productions, was a little bit awkward.

Title: Like The Shiver Of A Passing Train (also here on AO3)
Pairing: Lee Nicholas/Tony Foster
Rating: NC-17
Words: 6200
Warnings: prostitution and allusions to past dubcon.

A/N: with huge thanks to elucreh for fixing my commas and the places where I flatly contradicted myself!
A/N 2: the teenaged modelling career for Lee is stolen from some extra backstory that Tanya Huff once gave on twitter.

It was getting late and Tony Foster was getting cold.Collapse )

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