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Work ended at 12.30 today and now the office is closed until 3rd January. Whoo \o/ SO MANY DAYS OFF! I'm most excited. All the sleep, and reading books, and watching TV and eating chocolates, bring it to me.

I finished my main Yuletide fic really early this year so I accidentally scored and then wrote a pinch hit last night, which means that I'm a bit behind on everyone's Christmas card ficlets. But they'll be done for New Year, like I promised! Oh and if you'd like one, it's not too late.

I'm not impressed with LJ's shenanigans this week but I'm also not jumping ship to DW full-time either. Since I cross-post everything anyway, I've done my best to add everyone who's mentioned that they have a DW, but if I've missed you, drop me a line?

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