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I have been absolutely shockingly disorganised this year and now it's 16 December and I haven't written one Christmas card let alone asked who of you guys want one.

I'm sorry /o\

How about instead of Christmas cards, we do ficlets (to be posted at some point before the end of the year)? And, because it's Christmas, let's do it like this:

Comment here with a number between 1 and 121, I'll give you the vaguely wintery/Christmas-y song it corresponds to on my iTunes and write you a ficlet that matches.

(I can't write bandom at the moment but any other reasonable fandom is fair game - so TSN RPF, TSN, Inception, Merlin, X-Men: First Class, Tony/Lee etc plus crossovers and all that jazz. And if you want me to change someone's sex, time period or anything else, that's totally okay too.)

Okay so PLEASE, PLEASE if you would have asked me for a card, PLEASE let me write you a ficlet instead? ♥

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