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06 December 2011 @ 05:31 pm
Hey so I went to New York! That was pretty cool. But now I’m home. I’m sad now :(

New York is definitely the kind of place where I could live – why do I live in Surrey where it’s boring when I could live in New York where there is harriet_vane and a Jesse Eisenberg and, sometimes, an Andrew Garfield and an Emma Stone. This seems like hideously bad planning on my part.

Read this part for Tora’s Adventures in TravellingCollapse )

Read this part for Tora’s Adventures with Jesse Eisenberg (well not *with*, in front of, maybe)Collapse )

And the rest…Collapse )

… and now I’m home. Which is sad. My kitty is pleased to see me though – we both had a nap in my bed when I got home and now we’re watching Deal or No Deal and she’s listening intently to how amazing Jesse’s face is.

In conclusion: JESSE’S FACE!

ETA: sorry for all the posting fails. LJ, we are about to have words.
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