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I'm not going to be able to watch Dr Who tonight because I still haven't caught up with the past two weeks' :( And I can't watch Merlin live because it clashes with X-Factor, which my mum prefers. :((

BUT NEVER MIND. There are baby pictures of A.Garfield on the internet, so I can cope with anything.

In the meantime, au_bingo is open for card-claiming again. And my card is awesome:

My AU_Bingo cardCollapse )

My immediate thoughts are:

Professional sports - I have a few thousand words of Arthur the England football player than I should probably finish up.
Psychics would be really interesting for a TSN fic.
Castaways would be AMAZING for Jesse/Andrew. They'd fall in love and never, ever want to leave their desert island.

Otherwise, I'm not totally sure. Does anyone have any ideas/prompts to get me started? :D?

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