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31 July 2011 @ 01:23 pm
I've been trying to post a fic for the past twenty four hours, but LJ won't let me. Apparently short posts will go through so, at DW and AO3 you can find an X-Men:First Class, accidental-baby-acquisition fic for harborshore.

ETA: now recorded as podfic and with lovely cover art by reena_jenkins here.

At Least The War Is Over | past Erik/Charles | Gen | 2600 words.

Dreamwidth link.
AO3 link.

ETA: now it's been a few days since LJ's meltdown, let's try again:

Charles wakes slowly to a familiar knock-knock sound against his brain.Collapse )
On the off-chance that anyone has been waiting with bated breath for just such a moment, everything I've ever written is now on AO3 here. Wow, that took a very long time.

Reading back over some of my earliest work, I think it's safe to say that for the good of your sanity, it's best to avoid anything written pre-2005, possibly 2006. It turns out that there were long, long years where I really did not know how to punctuate speech and really did believe in the concept that the only good woobie is a crying woobie /o\

Oh and hey, I just noticed that I've posted 99 fics. Do I get a prize when I hit 100, do you think?

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