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Hello, new people! There are quite a few of you and this is very exciting *waves* Hello, also, non-new people. Sorry I've been a terrible LJ friend lately. I... will try to do better? ♥?

Anyway, look! I have a [community profile] kink_bingo card. Which I'm putting under a cut to spare your flists but look, isn't it lovely?Collapse )

My only real problem with this is that Andrew and Jesse are in my head all the time lately, and I'm not really sure how kinky they are. If there was a stare-at-each-other-in-adoration-while-talking-about-how-smart-the-other-one-is kink then they would have it made, as it is though...

Anyway, does anyone have anything they'd like to see me write for any of the squares? My brain is mostly in a Jesse/Andrew, Mark/Eduardo, Lee/Tony, Merlin/Arthur sort of place, but I'd also really like to write about girls. I miss writing about girls.

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