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So Tanya Huff has written a short story in her Smoke ‘verse, set a couple of years after Smoke and Ashes. It can be found in Those Who Fight Monsters and it’s awesome.

I ordered it from Canada on Thursday, it arrived yesterday and I nearly fell over a dozen times on the way home from work trying to read it while crossing roads. I’m aware that probably no one else has read it yet and so the fact I’ve written a coda is going to fall on stony ground but, hey look, I wrote a coda:

Title: Be Here With Me
Pairing: Lee/Tony
Rating: Pg-13
Words: 1186
Content: SPOILERS for the short story (See Me).

Amy and Jack were waiting outside Lee’s apartment when they got home. Tony didn’t ask how they’d gotten into the building – with those two, it was going to be either something depressingly legal or something horrible illegal.Collapse )
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