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I’d like to point out that this is not my fault. I just... I really love Andrew Garfield, okay? I mean, that Jesse Eisenberg kid is pretty great too, actually. In short, there was no hope of me not getting sucked into this fandom.

This is set about three years in the future where basically anything I like can have happened and I can give Oscar noms and wins to anyone I feel like. Oh, the power!

Title: (Never Had A Choice) When It Came To You (also at AO3)
Fandom: The Social Network RPS
Pairing: Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield
Rating: NC-17
Words: 8700
Warnings: none.

A/N: with huge thanks to harriet_vane who let me write this to her in various emails and at no point told me to bugger off and stop interrupting her holiday. ♥

Andrew spends thirty-five minutes waiting for a taxi outside LAX, while the queue grows longer and longer behind him. He didn’t know that airports had rush hours but he seems to have hit one here.Collapse )
I'm feeling: amusedamused