September 7th, 2008

Quotes - might be okay (demons)

timestamps #3-5

#3 janne_d wanted the first time that John met Rodney in that SGA/West Wing AU that I talk about a lot but haven't actually posted (the same 'verse as Eight Foot Giant):

pre-slash, gen, ~900 words

Believe in Things You Can't See

Collapse )

#4 ladyoflisquill wanted to know more about Carson's time as a cat in With Bones Like That.

Carson POV, background John/Rodney, ~ 1100 words

The One You Believe

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#5 And finally... harriet_vane wanted something schmoopy from the Only One Place 'verse.

Jon/Ryan, background Brendon/Spencer, PG-13, ~ 1200 words

Doesn't Matter Where You Go

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