August 31st, 2008

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Fic! "Believe In Something Like A Summer" Brendon/Spencer NC-17

Happy birthday Ryan Ross! I'm sorry, but this fic is not about you. It is about people you're pretty fond of though.

About a month or so ago, emilyray was writing a fic and I was writing a fic and we sent each other what we had so far. *She* posted hers the next day, whereas I got distracted by Shane Valdez and then Brendon threw-up on stage and then there was a Harlequin thing. But *now* mine is finally finished.

Title: Believe In Something Like A Summer
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan (I don't have Panic OTPs, I just *look* like I do, okay?)
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~6900
Summary: “Spence,” Ryan said. He put his hands on Spencer’s shoulders. “Generally it’s a bad plan to have a one night stand with the guy you’re in love with."

A/N: This is for emilyray for nagging me for it not letting me give up on it. Also there's an event near the end that is entirely harriet_vane's fault for talking about awesome things while I was writing it this afternoon.
A/N 2: Huge thanks to miscellanny for betaing this for me even though she's busy.

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